WINET - Wireless networks

About the group

The WINET (Wireless Networks) group is one of the research labs in networking of the Computer Science Department of Federal University of Minas Gerais (more info). The WINET group participates in several research projects in the topic of wireless networks, developing new networking protocols as well as contributing to network management and security services for novel networking and communication services. The lab has several ongoing national and international partnerships, and our researchers publish in the main symposia and journals of the area.

research, innovation and development in next generation networking

Nowadays, networking is evolving fast. Many new developments are coming to market, such as: 5G networks; the rise of machine-to-machine communication in the so-called Internet of Things; a new age of AI for network control; the virtualization of networks and network services; the malleability and robustness of cloud computing; new network scenarios such as networks of drones, connected cars, and opportunistic networking. WINET investigates many of those technologies in partnership with industry (possibly with financial incentives to reduce the risk) as well as other academic partners, pursuing both research as well as innovation projects in the following topics:

IoT, industry 4.0, smart cities

IoT devices outnumbered people in 2017

5g and mobile

intelligent management

Network automation growing 22% per year, expected to reach 7 billion USD by 2024

sdn and network virtualization

C-RAN saves up to 50% in the ISP’s electrical bill


Enables real-time services such as augmented reality with edge computing

opportunistic networking

Projects can use incentive laws (lei de informática, lei do bem, rota 2030) and funds from FINEP, SEBRAE, BNDES, EMBRAPII and others. Please contact us for more information.

the lab

WINET is in the forefront of all the technologies above. The lab performs experimental-based research, focused on the use of real hardware and software to produce prototypes as well as field tests in small to medium scales. The lab has had, in recent years, projects with leading academic partners as well as industry.

Alumni employed in top companies in industry (Google, Globo, Cisco,…)

Frequent interaction with industry through projects (Google, Facebook, LGE, CEMIG)

International academic partnerships (Columbia – USA; UPMC – France; Antwerp – Belgium; TCD – Ireland; USC – USA; UCLA – USA)

Excellence in education – UFMG has leading CS department in South America; top 5 graduate course in Brazil (graded 7 in CAPES)

In order to achieve such a vision, the lab has invested heavily in research infrastructure. WINET hosts the FUTEBOL UFMG testbed, dedicated to the research of future next-mile communication infrastructure. It also hosts a number of programmable devices: NetFPGAs, software-defined radios, software-defined networking switches. Also, since network management is now becoming more intelligent, the lab is investing in processing machines with GPUs to speed up the computation and processing of machine learning algorithms.

lab location

WINET researchers have a lab room in the Exact Sciences building (Instituto de Ciências Exatas (ICEx)) of UFMG, dedicated to Math, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science.

in order to contact us

If you are interested in collaborating with us with partnerships, inter-institutional research projects, or if you want to join the group as a student/researcher, please contact professor José Marcos S. Nogueira:

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