Pictures of the lab/team

This page contains some pictures showing the equipment and experiments carried out in the laboratory, as well as past and present members of the group.


The server rack of WINET. Four simulation servers, and one server for networking services. The network switch is a 48-port 10/100/1000 manageable switch with 4 expansion ports. The laboratory also has a dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) wireless network. All the equipment is protected with UPSs, ensuring operation even during power outages.

The laboratory has thirty IRIS sensor nodes, ten base stations, as well as some Mica2 and Mica2 dot nodes. There are solar panels, GPS modules and some sensor boards for experiments. This picture displays ten nodes transmitting to each other, in order to measure the medium contention.

Ten WRT54GL routers are available for SDR+SDN testing, as well as five other WIFI routers for SDN platforms. The routers shown in this picture are open for debugging.

RFID tags for intelligent objects. Two ALIEN readers are available, as well as several tags.

Four 802.11p boards for experiments on VANETs. They are installed in notebooks for development and testing purposes.


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