Here is a list of software created at the WINET laboratory. Most are open source and free for download.

CIA2 project - Smart traffic

In the CIA2 project we developed tools to aid in traffic management. One of the tools allows drivers to identify parking spots and to identify hazards on transit (animals, potholes, accidents). More details can be found here.

Bwping-udp network measurement tool

Performance evaluation is an important process on the development of new protocols and networks. The existing tools are not suited to evaluate wireless networks, since they neglect features as packet losses and jitter caused by retransmissions at the MAC layer, which are commonplace in wireless networks. bwping-udp is a performance evaluation tool for wireless networks that measures throughput, jitter and loss rate. Its aim is to be used in research as well as to characterize the quality of the network in an environment. More details can be found in our github repository.


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